About Artcare

ArtCare is a successful painting conservation-restoration studio, established in London 35 years ago by Peter Koneczny, specialising in the conservation and restoration of Old Master, Modern and Contemporary paintings and the development of conservation methods and materials.

Peter Koneczny has continuously researched painting techniques and painting conservation methods and also materials: pigments, solvents and polymers.

This has led to the creation of one of the largest pigment collections, comprising over 1600 organic and inorganic pigments, many of which are obsolete, and of historical and scientific interest. Some of the pigments are not available anywhere else in the world other than in Peter Koneczny’s collection. A library of infrared spectra of modern organic pigments from the collection is planned to be published sometime in the future.

The research into retouching/inpainting methods, and polymers and solvents has resulted in the development of B72 Retouching Gels, which are used in the museums, galleries and private restoration studios throughout the world. The gels mimic the rheology and handling properties of painting materials used on original artworks. This allows the painting conservator-restorer to imitate the original technique of the artist through the use of this modern, stable, non-ageing material.

B72 Retouching Gels and their properties and application were presented at the Retouching Complex Surfaces Conference organised by the British Association of Paintings Conservator-Restorers and the Institute of Conservation on 20th April 2007 at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London.

The talk ‘Paraloid B72 Gels as media for retouching’ was presented by Patricia Smithen (conservator of modern and contemporary paintings at the Tate Gallery, London). Delegates at the conference had an opportunity to test practical applications of the media at the workshops run by Peter Koneczny and Stuart Sanderson (both private painting conservator-restorers, London).

Peter Koneczny would like to express his gratitude and thanks to Dr. Roy Quartermaine from the Dow Chemical Company for his help and cooperation in the research regarding the properties and application of propylene glycol ethers and their derivatives, which has led to the development of Paraloid B72 Gels; and also to thank the Dow Chemical Company for providing research samples.


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